Pear graft weedwacked

I had a nice grafted pear whip that got weed-eated 99% to death but 1% of the graft is still alive and green as part of the callus to the rootstock is there any way to get the very small part of the graft left to start growing again? The graft is still dormant both the rootstock and the graft.

Can you post a picture?

I can but it is basically a cleft graft that got weed wacked the pyrus calleryana rootstock sticking up about 4 inches from the ground if that, with some callus cells around the top where the cleft graft was that are from the grafted scion.

If everything thats left from the scion are some callus cells, it won’t grow from that. You need a viable bud from the scion.

You can try to regraft a new scion to the rootstock if you still have scionwood. Other than that you can let the rootstock regrow and do a bud graft in summer or regraft next spring.

I have had sprouts grow from where there are no buds on both european pears and asian pears and it happens all the time on p calleryana . So, I was wondering if there may be a way to induce that on the callus cells. The callus cells are from aa european pear .

Those are called adventitious buds and you are right, those are not unusual in fruit trees, especially with pomes. But they will not happen out of callus growth from a young graft. I would say there is no chance. Even in a new graft, when buds are starting to grow and then dieback happens (eg by a late frost) that usually leads to failure. The tree usually abandons such weakly attached growth and will grow from below.

In your case there even is no vascular tissue left from the scion.

Maybe you could clone the variety by tissue culture with those cells, I don’t know about that. But thats for professionals in laboratories.

I actually had a adventitious sprout on my multi tree from the graft callus that growth had seriously funky looking leaves I’m guessing that it was growth containing sex cells of both p calleryana and p communis and there is name for that but I forget what. I should have kept that growth but I pruned it off.