Pear parentage

Most of us who are looking for certain characteristics of pears want to know general pear parentage eg. European, Asian, etc. does anyone know where such a chart exists ? It’s obvious kieffers, Douglas, duchess etc. all have a common parent based on foliage, growth habit, disease resistance etc. . Does anyone have advice on where to find a general pear parentage chart? I’m assuming all pears with Asian lineage have additional Fireblight resistance but that’s just a hypothesis. I’m also assuming all have a tendency to be more grainy than the European varieties. I’m not at all confident in my logic being true in all cases.

I don’t know of a specific chart, but if you look through the listings in the NCGR Pyrus collection, many of them have parentage (or alleged/suspected parentage) info in the description.

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Thanks @Lucky_P that’s exactly what I was looking for NCGR Corvallis - Pyrus Germplasm : USDA ARS.