Pear Picking 101

Right now I have a D- :disappointed:

I know this is a tricky thing based on what I’ve read. I was surprised when I actually had a couple of pears set this year. Two were BP Morettini. I tried the lift test on one when I thought it was looking good and the time of season seemed about right. It separated easily. I refrigerated it for a week (not sure about that) and let it sit on the counter. A week later its buddy fell off the tree and I treated it the same way.

They started to develop brownish patches on the outside and, although firm, I thought I had better cut them to see whatswhat. Both were dry and rather tasteless (well, a little like a pear).

I also had two Bartletts set. One fell off way too early to be salvaged (although a good size…) and I watched the other closely, getting advice from a local grower whose stuff is usually 1-2 weeks ahead of mine. When the green color began to lighten I did a lift test and it separated before I got to 45 degrees. I didn’t chill it (mistake?), but set it on the counter where it slowly began to yellow. It was beautiful! Until I looked at the bottom where I noticed a soft spot forming… Well, you know, dry with core breakdown, but some flavor.


I have one Buerre Superfin hanging on the tree. Any suggestions for that one?