Pear rootstock

I have been doing some research on some pear rootstocks that are dwarfing. Has anyone tried a dwarf apple rootstock with a winter banana interstem with a euro pear on top?

No I haven’t but I have always wanted to try that. I know it has been done and I believe there is some literature on it some were. If I had room to try it I would in a second.



I haven’t tried this combination. This is as near to yours as I have attempted.
Root M111/B9/WB/Harrow Sweet. I added it last year and is now about six feet.

Root Callery/Unknown Dwarf Pear/Ayers/WB/Harrow Sweet. I added it last year and is now about six feet.

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Thanks for the info , really interesting as apples have a much wider range of rootstock available

I have been told by Bernie (Russian pear guy) that he does this and it works (although I think that he was doing it on branches). I say go for it and try! Keep in mind though that those dwarf apple rootstock will not live as long. You could go with regular pear and control height by branch bending, summer pruning and heavy cropping and it will live a lot longer.

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Good point on the longevity, sure something to consider.

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I have never seen any long term details as to how these combinations work out. These type grafts are mostly for entertainment.