Pear to apple bridge?

Is there anything other than the often discussed Winter Banana apple that can act as a bridge or interstem between pear and apple? A person on FB suggested Northern Spy might do it. Otherwise, would wild callery keep MM111 or another rootstock alive long enough for it to root itself?
I have wild callery in a drainage swale, didn’t get it cut back last year with everything. Is there anything I can graft to it to allow for apples? I used all my Winter Banana on other projects, which are not at this house. I’d have to try and find some scion, or rootstock scion.
I thought I was losing a year after surgery, but that’s delayed, so I am trying some things.

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@Auburn posted that he had success using Yates apple as an interstem too. I also recall hearing of a very winter hardy apple that is compatible like WB, but I cannot find the information in my notes.

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I think medlar could be both pear and apple compatible.

I have limited experience with it. I grafted apple onto a cut down medlar (that was on hawthorn or quince roots) and those did great last year. 100% take and good growth. (3 grafts took. 1 was unfortunately bumped. But the other 2 had good growth. It’s a columnar apple so probably fruit this year)

I found the other apple that is compatible with pear: Palmetta. Also, swamp crabapple (sometimes used as a rootstock) is supposed to be compatible with pear or apple.

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I grafted medlar to pear and got 3-4 foot of growth the same year.

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I don’t have any medlar, could think about that.
Would aronia work on pear or on apple? I do have that extra. Found one (just one) Winter Banana scion, but the shipping was twice the price of the one scion.

How many pieces of ‘Winter Banana’ scion are you needing?

There is not much that is going to turn a pear into an apple. Many of the winter banana stories only survived for a short time. It will readily accept asian, euro, medlar, quince, and some lesser fruits though.

A few? I was going to try it with the buds I found, but what ever I can reasonably get, really. Problem is $11-16 for a $5 scion. Actual shipping for other packages were not that much, and everyone close has my issue of early bud break.
I’d rather not herbicide or stumpgrind if I can use the trees, but they have to be something else. I have a couple of trees I will graft if I can, I think there are several more seedlings or suckers there too.

The deciding factor was rootstock. The grafts can be long lived if M-26 was used. There’s not good data for the combo @franc1969 is planning so she might as well just try it.

@franc1969 I’m fairly certain all my ‘Winter Banana’ are still dormant so I might be able to cut some for the sake of your experiment. I could send via Priority Mail flat rate box for $9.50 plus whatever you want to offer for the scions. I could include a mix of diameters to give you some grafting options. Note: Shipping First Class would be cheaper, but is pretty unreliable right now. I recently shipped some scion First Class to someone about 1.5 hour drive from me and it took over a week to get delivered…

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Thank you! I will take you up on that. I have struck out again on closer scion.