Pear tree caring

So my sister saw a pear tree at costo and interested in getting one for her the fruit need spraying of anything and what about disease?

Pears usually need two pears to pollinate. Look around though there may be others around with pear trees. I grow everything and in my opinion pears are the easiest to grow. I do not do much spraying with them. Mainly for black leaf. As for the fruit my biggest problem is bees drilling into them.

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Sounds good.i think she mainly wants it for the beauty of the tree.fruit is a plus.on the same property they have beehives😁

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She will need patience, as it takes a number of years for pears to fruit decently , as long as ten years at times, but hopefully at least a light crop sooner. But nothing like a homegrown pear. Heavenly!


Does your sister also live in CA? In general, pears are easy if they are not a fire blight-prone variety in her area. Don’t think that because Costco sell that pears in her area, it will grow well there. Often, retailers sell fruit trees anywhere no matter they are suitable for local climate or not.

Others are correct that she probably will need another variety to cross pollinate. If her area has Bradford pears or other street pears, they can help with pollination, too.

She may need to learn a bit about if the variety she wants will grow well in her zone. For example, southern pears may not do well in the far north or vice versa. More importantly, will the fruit taste any good. She does not want to wait 7-8 years for the fruit to find out she does not like it!!

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Well the only thing she told was that she liked the look of the tree.saying that the leaves are mention of fruit is in central valley california.i think it should ok here.for sure would need to prune it and keep it small.fence is about 11-14 feet away and there is another tree 15 feet away.

could also buy scions of better pear varieties to graft onto it if they arent very good. being in central CA, most rootstocks should do good there.

Like apples
Are all over the map
Concerning disease and insect damage.
Depends on the variety and the rootstock.