Pear you would like to see DNA tested for ID or parentage

I was going through the pear database and realized there are several pears I would love to see DNA tested. As an example, Savannah is often discussed as a heat tolerant low chill pear which originated as an older bearing tree in Savannah Georgia. I also know of a pear at an old homestead near Red Bay Alabama which produces an abundant crop of very good fresh eating pears with ability to store for a few weeks in good condition. I would love to see both of these DNA tested to see if an ID or parentage can be established.

Do you know of any pear trees which would be really nice to ID?

I’d love to get DNA testing done for the ‘Baldy Hill’ pear I was sharing scion wood from this past winter. The ortet is a feral seedling that sprouted along a local country road and has qualities intermediate between European and Asian pears.