Pears and part-sun

I was checking if pears would grow in part-sun and found an article that said:
Pears do need some sun, but they will produce in partial shade. Try a variety such as ‘Beth’ planted in a westerly facing area that will get a few hours of sun in the afternoon.

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I have exact spot - sun comes there around noon and continues till sunset. But in my experience, all plants like morning sun more than afternoon sun. Is that in opposite for pears? May be the pear expert @clarkinks can respond? :blush:



In my experience partial sun means the pears are delayed in ripening. Do this sometimes on purpose to get a later crop. Sometimes the fruit isnt as sweet in a partially sunny location.

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But is afternoon sun better than morning sun if you take the same amount of sunny hours?



I’ve got both situations never noticed a difference but have never done an actual study on it. This area is really dark in the afternoon. I going to remove some autumn olives , mulberry, and plums in this spot. It’s weird you brought this up i took these photos a couple of days ago. Its so dark hardly a blade of grass is growing there. My goal is to get grass under that pear again. The other trees are nurse trees for my pears.


I can share with you my experience about growing pears in partial shade. That’s my situation all these years. My pears don’t get sun until 11 am (some by noon). Some get the sun until the end of the day. Others until 4 pm.

My pears trees gets sun anywhere between 4-8 hours.
They have flowered and fruited but not as plentiful as fruit trees in full sun.

It looks like your area will get enough sun for your pears to produce. Afternoon sun is stronger and I prefer it to am sun.


I have several pears that in early spring and fall they get no sun at all. As the sun gets higher in the summer they get 4-6 hours. I agree with everyone else and would add the fruit will be smaller as well. Still worth it though. Pears are one of the better fruits for part sun.


I’ve lived in my current home for about 15 years and there was a small stature, but very mature (craggy old bark) pear tree in the backyard. It is in pretty deep shade beneath oak cover. Pretty much dappled sun at best. It’s probably Bartlett as it does ripen on the tree and it’s likely a very commonly available tree.

It bears a bit in alternate years, but this year was the off year and I still got dozens of fruits. Fruits are sweet and delicious.

It’s possible that due to its age, it is more successful and prolific.This year it was ripening in August.


Thank you, everybody. It is encouraging!

Now, what root stock can be used for espaliered pear? The espalier will get maximum sun in the spot I have in mind. So, I need two different pears for pollination, I am not sure if it will be two in one tree or 2 espaliered trees. And what would be suggestions for the scions? I want something better that sold in the stores - not necessary large, but tasty and early, so part sun is not big issue in fall.


I don’t know much about an espalier system. I would think OHxF 97 would be good.

I would wholeheartedly suggest Harrow Sweet as one of the varieties for you. It is a delicious, large and productive pears. I also like Clara Frijs, another excellent pear that ripens about 2-3 weeks earlier.

Harrow Delight is a good pear and ripens a month before Harrow Sweet. I don’t like it as much as HS and Clara Frijs.

I have other pears that I love but they ripen about the same time as HS or later.


Do you think that the time of day that the sun hits the plant can help to prevent fungal diseases/lessen the severity of fungal diseases? All our pear trees are in sun all day. I know that all day sun can keep some insect pests away, or at least lessen the damage that they do.



Yes absolutely the more sun they get the better for preventing fungal problems. Morning sun would burn off the dew of the day faster for sure.