Pears Blossoming but no signs of pollinators

Well I was fairly hopeful, my two pear trees (Summercrisp and Staceyville) are both flowering for the first time. (In past years it was only the Summercrisp that bloomed). However I have been watching and have not seen any pollinators on the flowers. There aren’t that many flowers on them (a few dozen at best), and there are some very fragrant plums in bloom nearby that are covered with pollinators.

Definitely not a lack of pollinators. There are bumblebees, flies and I have on hive of honeybees who are quite active. I just don’t see anyone visiting the pear flowers. I am curious if any of the folks here have noticed who pollinates pears, and when they typically show up. Not sure there is much I can do (short of some hand pollination), but I would like to get some pears finally…

I had the same problem. The bees had a better source of nectar and pollen so my pear trees were ignored. After a couple of days some other smaller looking bees in small numbers were helping out with moving the pollen around. Pears are just not the honeybees first preference in most seasons. No more flowers than you have I would cross pollinated with a very soft brush. Bill

If the pollinators are hanging out on other trees that are expendable, you might try cutting off a branch from one and placing it in your pear tree(s) to attract them to visit the tree.

Pears have low sugar nectar. Pollinators go where they get the most bang for their energy expended.