Pears, Fireblight; Dallas

It’s been a strange year in Dallas. From late Feb-late march we had rain or snow almost every day, which is very rare. Temps alternated between 30 degrees to 80 degrees, which is normal. I’ve been trying to find out which pear trees are fireblight resistant.

This year my pear crop will be almost 0, the blossoms have fireblight.

Affected pears include 20th century, Chojuro, Fondante de Moulins Lille, Harrow Sweet, Hosui, Korean Giant, Kosui, Maxine, Moonglow, Raja, Shinko, Shinseiki, & Yoinishi. Orient has had a few strikes.

Only unaffected pear seems to be my Keiffers.

I was happy to see blossoms on the Fondante in the 3rd year; Harrow Sweet in year 2. I was surprised Moonglow & Shinko were badly affected by blight. Of the Asian pears, Hosui seems to be doing the best. No FB in my apples.

Guess I’ll have to spray next year.

Sorry about your loss. I’m getting a little worried now. For the last three years I have not had any FB in my Moonglow and Orient. Good luck, Bill

I spoke too soon. Many/ most of my apples have fireblight. I suppose the later blooming period for apples delayed their getting infected.

Did you do a dormant copper spray? I guess you’ll have to get out the shears and get rid of the FB. Maybe streptomycin sulfate is in your future?

No dormant spray. I’m new to apples, and most of my pears have needed no spray. I’ll add sprays as needed, fertilome seems to works well here. It’s been a very strange year for fireblight, perfect conditions, even supposedly fireblight immune pears have been infected

We also have the perfect conditions for FB. My pears were carefully selected for FB resistance and appear to be escaping. Some of my apple varieties are subject to FB and as of now they are doing well. From what I have learned it is one issue that is best to be out front on addressing it. My approach has moved mostly in the organic direction and I spray serenade and this season I added dormant oil/copper. If my trees escape FB this season it will be three years FB free. Best of luck getting this under control. Bill

I am new to fruit growing, I had an impulse purchase of pear tree 3 year ago at Costoco and for the past 3 year it has been getting fireblight and no fruit. There are lot of bradford pears with fireblight near by us. I am wondering should I cut the tree and grow something else?

Graft a fireblight resistant variety on it.

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Call the wildlife group in Tuskegee AL. They have some under the radar varieties you never heard of that seldom get blight. I think mostly local AL selections. I have Dixie Delight. Very good Asian pear type. Had one strike last year, cut it out. No problem. Senator Clark has good set this year for the first time. No blight so far.Not sure if that one is good quality. They told me it was one of their sweetest and does not get blight. FB is unbelievably bad here. Great proving ground.

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