Pears from 1800-1850

Frequently when researching pears I run across one that has Napolean as a parent or another pear from the 1800’s. This list is a good one to have around though it lacks details If you want the details you may find yourself translating French

These are old pears that were developed in Europe. I wounder what part of Europe has a similar climate as our Midwest?

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Pears such as Comice are on the list though we may not be able to grow those. The midwest may grow some of the crosses developed from it such as magness. MAGNESS was released by the USDA in 1968 as Comice x Seckel.

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Southern and eastern Ukraine, Crimea, Southern Russia, Tatarstan, Kazakhstan, these are the places which I know of.


Interesting that the home of the Apple is on your list