Peche de Nancy

Anyone grow this cot? Opinions welcome.

is an old French variety, self fertile, his fruits are big

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@scottfsmith tried it. This from his stone fruit report:

Peche de Nancy white - This is a tasty white apricot but I found it very susceptible to rots and other diseases on the fruits. Removed ~2009.

According to my logs it was similar to Moniqui but that cot was more reliable for me. Peche de Nancy is bigger though.

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No its yellow.

I call all the non-orange apricots “white” because that seems to be what a lot of people do. All of the “white” apricots are really yellow, with varying shades from lighter to darker yellow.

Scott, just going by the pic. on the Arboreum site. Looks really yellow to me. Its supposedly a higher chill hours cot so I wanted to try it! Glad its big. Love cots! :kissing_heart: