Peony Coral

This morning

This afternoon

Not very fragrant, kind of soapy but the gorgeous colour more than make up for the light fragrance.


Beautiful color and form…


Your peony is beautiful. Much prettier than any of mine.

Beautiful! !

thanks! I have had this (Coral) for a few yrs. It was planted in the back but too much shade and it didnt grow, Tuber remains OK despite my squirrel and raccoon friends digging it up. Last yr I removed and planted in the front. It rewarded me with 2 flowers. I used to have Sarah Bernhardt (pink and highly fragrant) in this spot but dug up and gave that away to neighbour. @MuddyMess_8a what cultivar do you have, I think I have a highly fragrant red and white somewhere which I bought from a specialist. cant remember name. I dont think they are doing well, most prob in shade and I need to resite them!