Peppers - Focus on Flavour

Got to try a few more peppers from my garden - Ajvarski and Yellow Brazilian Starfish. Ajvarski tastes alright raw, but looking forward to having a few more ripen so that I can roast them up. Yellow Brazilian Starfish was a delight to snack on - a bit warm if you bite off near the centre, but very tropical (pineapple?) flavour in the “arms”.

Edit: I do want to say that the Starfish were much smaller than I realized they would be. I’d really love to produce a larger pepper, it was super tasty. Not sure how I’d go about that other than selectively saving seed…?


Will do. i have that one, and have to remind myself to check it for pepper recipes.

I was away for 2+ weeks, and here are some of the chilies when i returned,