Peppers - Focus on Flavour

Got to try a few more peppers from my garden - Ajvarski and Yellow Brazilian Starfish. Ajvarski tastes alright raw, but looking forward to having a few more ripen so that I can roast them up. Yellow Brazilian Starfish was a delight to snack on - a bit warm if you bite off near the centre, but very tropical (pineapple?) flavour in the “arms”.

Edit: I do want to say that the Starfish were much smaller than I realized they would be. I’d really love to produce a larger pepper, it was super tasty. Not sure how I’d go about that other than selectively saving seed…?


Will do. i have that one, and have to remind myself to check it for pepper recipes.

I was away for 2+ weeks, and here are some of the chilies when i returned,


Well, I’m working on my list of peppers to grow for 2023…

2022 varieties I will be regrowing:

  • Brazilian Starfish, Yellow
  • Lesya
  • Odessa
  • Yellow Nardello

New ones:

  • Brazilian Starfish, Red
  • Brown Jalapeño - “smoky sweet flavor with a mild heat”
  • Korean Hot - Husband requested this one!
  • Paradicsom Alaku Szentes
  • Pippin’s Golden Honey
  • Rayados Jalapeño - Described as hot but with more “depth of flavor” and fruitiness
  • Sinahuisa - A serrano type with “rich sweetness and medium heat”, “burn not as pungent”
  • Sweet Apple Kambe

I’d really like to grow Round of Hungary, but not sure I’ll get a hold of any seeds.

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I saved seeds from Ashe County Pimento this year, which is a similar shape if you don’t find the Round of Hungary. They are open-pollinated, so always a chance of a cross. The two plants closest to it where Peperone di Senise and Elephant Ear, so at least the offspring is more likely to be sweet, although there are some firey hot ones within a dozen feet as well.

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Thanks! I will let you know. I’m waiting for Adaptive Seeds to update their catalog - they have a pimento I’ve got my eye on, plus some other stuff.

It’s been hard to get Round of Hungary the past few years, which is maybe a sign I should move on to other pimentos.

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Hi im currently growing Ashe county pimento pepper on my balcony. I choose them because of taste and availability( i sourced them last year when i was in NC, but living in netherlands) and because its suitable for intentsive spacing. They develop great for the conditions they are in only now some of them flip some leaves upside down. Its this because of spacing?

They are close but from my experience peppers can handle pretty tight spaces. When I first started gardening I would cram 20 peppers in a 14 inch pot and you would be surprised how many live and fruited. I have heard the best size pot for a pepper is a 5 gallon pot but I hear they can grow and fruit in 1 gallon. The ones that died lost their leaves and kind of just became sticks.

They are together in a selfmade box that has 40 gallon of soil inside, they are with 5 ocupying half the space so they are together in 20 gallons. From what i have seen this Variety is not heavy bearing like 3 fruits per plant so i def want to wait till fruits fully set. Could it be something else that flips the leaves? Its very shaded and gets direct sun only late afternoon when its at its hottest. Yet i dont see any sunburns on the peppers or the other plants.

Every pepper is very different flavored. Ghost peppers have a unique fruit like flavor. Getting past the heat to taste it is the trick. Thai hot dragons have a distinguishable deep pepper flavor. Habanero are a unique delicious type. Jalapeno are common tasting green peppers but still very delicious. If you would like to try some different types $2.50 gets you a jar of pure wicked bear killer

I enjoy it very much reduced down with other salsa. Then you can taste and appreciate the complex flavors. Add 3 heaping spoonfulls to your regular salsa or more if desired and enjoy the complexed flavors.

I have eaten it by itself and love heat. It is a punishing experience i enjoyed immensely once. I have eaten authentic and spicy food from around the world. I promise you that spraying pepper spray in your mouth as breath freshener would be wiser than eating the above salsa straight with chips. You will not finish that jar with chips even if your from thailand. Food from Mexico is sometimes served with straight habanero salsa, but my sister and i finished the salsa from there, no problem.

Habanero are not that hot in the grand scheme of things. I think habanero are only 300k shu. Ghost pepper is 1 million shu. Carolina Reaper is 2.2 million. I forget the name of the pepper but there is one that seeds are for sale and are claimed to be hotter than the Carolina Reaper but are untested. There are other ones that are known to be hotter but seeds are not sold to the public. The one that has the seeds sold is known to not be as productive as a Carolina Reaper though. I would also argue that a little of a Carolina Reaper will overflow most people who love spice and those without a tolerance to spice will just puke it up. Plus once you get up to those super hot flavors they become really hard to grow. They take so much time. Many are starting them around Christmas to harvest by October. Even my Fatalii I got from plant did not produce on time for my area. You really almost need to grow things like Carolina Reaper inside where I live because it just takes too long.