Perennial flower ID

Anyone know what this perennial flower is called. There are purple and white in an old shaded flower bed on the back of my property.

Look like Columbine to me.


The flower does, but I’m not seeing any typical lobed leaves.

Thanks @mamuang. I just googled columbine and it is certainly what it is. The leaves aren’t showing in this pic but they are definately lobed and match the leaves shown on the internet.

You guys are good.

Yes, that is good old Columbine. In my locale they do well with North side partial shade. Blooms are long gone by Summer here. Reseeds readily.

If you add different colors, they will hybridize and reseed unique cultivars. Cool plants.

I have a flower in my yard that I have been waiting to see bloom so I could post it here and see if anyone could identify it. I live in an old farm house and there were several old bushes and flowers in the yard when we moved here almost twenty years ago. A couple of years ago I saw this blooming under an old red bud tree, I didn’t look at it that close just noted it was a nice dark purple color. It was heavily shaded and I had never seen it bloom before. i thought it was a type of iris. ( which also grew around the tree and never bloomed) that fall I transplanted all of the iris bulbs to a sunny location. The next year the all bloomed out pale yellow. When I was digging them I saw some bulbs that looked like a day lily bulb. ( my wife had told me all along that they were a day lily but I thought she was wrong, whoops.) so last fall I moved them to a sunny spot and they are blooming. The leaves are not exactly like the wild day lilies that grow by the road, they are more upright. I googled day lilies but didn’t see any that looked exactly like this.


Look so much like Belamcanda chinensis Iridaceae that I have. Mine has a commom name of Blackberry Ivy and it is orange. I have not find one in your color. It could be a relative of mine. I am no plant expert.

I grow 100 varieties or so of Daylilies and can tell you that is most certainly not one :slight_smile: looks like something in the iris family.


It looks like what we call “wild iris”. Google that and see if the images looks like a match to you.

Yes!!! That’s it, thanks for the id

I forgot my flowers name but they are so pretty.


Something in the gentiana family, perhaps?