Perennials ID please


I saw this perennial in my friend garden in Seattle but we don’t know the name .
Someone here help me to find out ID

Thank you so much.




Hot Lips Sage


You are right. Thank you so much Mike.


This plant in Seattle Glass museum look like passion fruit but not sure for its ID please.


Probably Lavender Lady Passion Flower


Wow so wonderful.Thank you so much for your knowledge Mike .


Do you know this fruit in Elizabeth Park Vancouver Canada Mike ? I also saw it in Seattle glass museum garden.


I think it’s a hackberry of some sort


Likely a filbert.


Are there filberts without the frill around the base of the nut?


Lack of surrounding husk is unlike any filberts around here (Oregon).


This one was really bugging me, and I think I’ve figured it out!

Dove Tree Davidia involucrata

…and there is one in that park, so I think this is the answer. If it was in bloom we would definitely know for sure.


You’re absolutely 100 percent right Mike. Thank you so much for your time to find answers. Really appreciated. Vincent