Persimmon double branches

Is this common on all persimmon?
Do you just prune one out?

@Grumpygardener … saw something similar earlier this year.

I bark grafted rich tooie scions to a whacked off 4 inch diameter wild dv.

Each scion had 2 buds each…

On one scion… the lower bud had 3 shoots to develop and grow near 3 ft long (out of that single bud).

I simply pruned off 2 and kept the one that looked best.

In my case the large rootstock may have been puching heavier than normal growth. Perhaps you have good roots pushing your top growth.

I would just prune out the weaker one.

Thank you

I find persimmons will just be weird sometimes. Apples, pears, etc. do what I expect, but persimmons will just decide to let a branch die, shoot out 2 or 3 branches from the same spot or as several of mine did this year, suddenly send up a new super vigorous shoot from low down that seems determined to replace the leader.

Here is a JT-02 with a side shoot that came out this year and is now already a foot taller than the original leader. Yup, persimmons are weird.


Persimmons are definitely not Rosaceae!

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