Persimmon freeze protection


The forecast low last night was 34F. But dew point was near zero and it dropped from 68 at 5pm to 37 by 11pm. So I covered my persimmon tree with tarps and had a 750 watt heater inside. That gave the tree about 12-15F of protection. Fortunately the wind shifted at midnight and it was 45 by daybreak.


Earlier freezes, lack of chilling, and hot dry weather limited my outdoor stone fruit to a very small crop, maybe 5-50%. But unless we have another freeze I’ll at least have a little something to dispute with the coons.


Beautiful tree! Looks like it appreciated all your babying.



The bark of your persimmon tree tells me that tree is an American persimmon. D.V. Is it a multi grafted tree? What varieties?




It’s a Eureka. Maybe that’s a hybrid I’m not sure. It’s been hardy to winter cold. We don’t get that cold but averaged 75 and 20F each week all winter. Lots of yoyo weather. It’s the spring freezes that do damage. One yr I didn’t cover in spring and it killed major limbs. Anything 32 and below kills the leaves and flower buds this time of yr.

By the way I looked at Omaha weather, it’s enough to make a man throw up. Are you far enough along to get damage?


How’s that Eureka for flavor? I keep going back and forth on whether or not I want another persimmon. I’m leaning toward Saijo or Giombo, but Eureka seems to be recommended by ag extension around here.


Eureka is highly recommended for TX. And I think with good reason. That may be more about hardiness and production than taste. But I think the taste is very good if properly ripened. And I like them dried. I dry most of mine. If dried to the right moisture level they are just as good as fresh. They are better dried if allowed to fully soften before drying.



This Spring is slow to warm up plus with all this crazy up and down temps and the late snow. All my trees are just about to bloom anytime now. Looks like Wednesday the temp will be in the 50s again. I think my harvest season will be OK.



2020 has not been very kind. My spirits are too low to do any tree related work. I decided not to winter protect my persimmon tree. The trunk of it is American persimmon. Then grafted nikitas gift and saijo and IKKJ. Hopefully they will all make it. :confused:


Glad to hear from you. Hope things are getting better for you. Hang in there.

Nikita’s Gift should have no issue handling your winter. I don’t know about Saijo and IKKJ. Others who grow them could chime in.

However, several forecast sources I have seen have predicted that this will be a warm winter.


I am using dry corn leaves to protect the persimmon tree from freezing.


It’s like putting a coat on a snowman…not really. The only meaningful thing to do, as was noted above, is to top graft D.virginiana.