Persimmon from Dax

I think three years ago I bought a persimmon tree from @Barkslip. Dax said it was a tree he grafted, 100-42. It’s looking great and has around 50 fruit on it.

Do you have this one also Dax and are you happy with it?


Dax is grafting me a JT-02 persimmon to ship in the fall. He showed me a picture of the graft and I was just like dang that is one thick graft. I like that.


wow. yours is twice my tree. I sold or gave away all the good grafts and planted the littlest one!

cause that’s how I roll. it’s ridiculous but when I have two trees I give the better one to a friend or an anonymous person.

Thanks, Jim. I’m real glad to see a tree, years after.


Before we relocated I bought two persimmon trees and both struggled to even survive. Then I got a Morris Burton from Dax. When I was planting it the first thing I noticed was the massive root system on the small tree. Year one the tree always looked healthy and doubled in height. This year it is currently 6’ high and growing like I always thought a persimmon should. My grands and I are looking forward to when we can pick fruit from it.


Thanks Bill…