Persimmon growth

My fuyu started out well this spring but as soon as the heat hit it quit growing. It has plenty of fertilizer and water and i was wondering if there us anything i can do to help it start growing again? all of my other fruit trees continue to add growth during this heat so im a bit baffled.

It should start the second growth of the season soon.



My TamKam and Saijo just started growing again in the last week or so. My Nikita’s Gift is not putting on any new growth, but has had a lot of insect pressure on the leaves. I hope it will start pushing new growth but no signs so far.

Posted this in the other persimmon thread, then saw this thread which seems more relevant:

I have a NG I put in the ground around July last year and it had some
partial girdling from rabbits over winter. This year it leafed out but
that’s all it’s done. It’s putting on zero growth and some of the
branches (twigs really) from last year are dead (never leafed out).
Haven’t had problems with japanese beetles on it although I have plum
trees a few steps away that the beetles have been hitting so I’d agree
with what’s been said in that regard. I’ve been watering adequately,
pounded in some fertilizer spikes, and it gets adequate sun. Not sure
what’s wrong. It does have numerous buds but they aren’t growing. How
do I encourage this tree to put on growth?

I guess Tony says it should start growing soon, that gives me hope :slight_smile: Would make sense given all the buds.

Girdling causes serious damage to any tree. Your tree probably has put its effort to try to heal the wound and survive.

My 2 nd year NG, even with being moved, has put on some growth as it did not sustain any injury for the move was done during dormancy.