Persimmon issue

Anyone know what’s affecting my persimmon trees? Imgur: The magic of the Internet it’s affecting saijos and proks 20 ft apart in my front yard

Can you see anything on the backside? I had an outbreak of little worms on one of mine that were eating through from the backside.

Only insects I’ve seen in the area are small white things in the grass and tiny leafhoppers on the plant. No aphids scale or worms. Was hoping a specific nutrient deficiency.

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You might take a look at this persimmon problem solver document and see if anything looks similar.


purples in leaves is a deficiency of phosphorus.

Looks like overfertilization, causing nutrient lockout.

No purple, just lighting on brown.

Haven’t fertilized, just planted and watered. Any actions I can b take if it is?

Personally I wouldn’t do anything, especially this late in (a) year. I’d clean up the leaves that drop and let it acclimate more next year driving roots further down. Definitely keep the ground watered but not saturated and be sure you’re mulching.

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Thanks so much!