Persimmon madness in Japan

Two persimmons of the variety ‘Tenka Fubu’ were sold in Japan at a price of 540,000 yen (about $4,750), said Ito Yoshiyuki, the representative of the sales department of the Japan Federation of Agricultural Associations in Gifu Prefecture.

“This is the first auction this year, and probably this also affected the price, but the main reason that two persimmons of this variety were sold for 540,000 yen is their unusual sweetness. If in usual persimmons the sugar content is 15-16 Brix, in this elite variety it exceeds 18. And in those two fruits that were sold today in the Matsuzakaya store, it is over 25 Brix. And they are enjoyable to eat — they are quite firm and crunchy like Asian pears,” he said.

The creation of the variety ‘Tenka Fubu’ took 11 years, and it went on sale only last year. Then the maximum price was 320,000 yen (about $3,000 dollars). The weight of one persimmon is 300 grams.


ok :crazy_face:

Can someone sneak me a stick of Tenka Fubu scionwood please. LOL.



that’s crazy…

Reminds me of the tuna auctions, where the first/biggest tuna of the season sells for a multiple of what is normal. This is a theatrical sale to generate publicity for whomever buys it- and the industry itself- rather than a reflection of it’s true value.

Still cool though, I didn’t know it happened with fruit too. Thanks for sharing!


Doesn’t look like there’s much info online about this persimmon. Too bad – it’d be interesting to read about.

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