Persimmon, over 25 years.........later

Spending much time on native persimmon, wife doesn’t like them, sand,seed, astringent, stays now with Asian/ Spanish.
After all these years, over 12 varieties later, will only keep 2 varieties.
Giombo no 1, Roya Brilliante no 2. Wife and me loves them.
Giombo is not as productive. This fall has been a disaster for persimmon, we are still in a drought, maybe tomorrow expecting rain for 2 days but that’s too late.
Doing the same with figs, also over 25 years, now about 5 varieties. Might start with peaches again after you guys description of new varieties. Grew some of the best back in the eighties. Has to be small tree’s, easy spray. Help me with a source!


Try removing seed and putting them in a dehydrator…even the wife might like them afterwards!


I’m glad Giombo is one of your favorites!

Since I’m too new to persimmons I was asking on another tread between Giombo and Tam Kam because I would like to get a few more varieties and Giombo was one of them.

Can you share more about Giombo and Roya Brilliante!

Also is Roya Brilliante the same as Rojo Brillante?


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Like anything else, your taste might different. It’s very difficult to come to a conclusion what’s best tasting, especially with new members. Ever Heard this: This is the best thing I ever taste. I take that with a grain.
KBS is another good one, so is Sayo, there are more to other members. 5 Giombo,s and 5 Roya Brilliante is suffice for me.
At this time I am doing the same thing with citrus, I have the finest in mandarin and also Pomelo’s which I like a lot, 90% are grafted myself.
Mandarins are much harder to select for keepers. Here size and productivity also taste of course are important. I don’t care about very small ones. Peaches, Persimmon, Citrus are priority. Citrus requires the most but deer don’t like them.


Which meanderins you growing and which Pommel?

Pomelo’s: Valentines and Thong Dee. Mandarins: too many to mention, all top 10.
Adding more to my persimmon collection, here is another sampling.

Grafted a ton of Rojo Brilliante.

Got a Sharon, Israel’s persimmon that needs to be regrafted come late spring. Never produces persimmons except a couple a few years ago, way too much shade.



Where did you order the scion wood from? I am looking for a good source.

England nursery, I don’t know if he still handle Asian persimmons. He had a lot of problems dying on him from winters.

I looked thru Cliff’s last years tree map and none of those are mentioned, Bob. Cliff told me that Rosseyanka x Honan Red is excellent but that it wasn’t hardy at his nursery if that helps for understanding his KY. climate zone 6a.

The billofsales was his. 2011 order. He should remember all the tree’s he had growing. He had a lot more varieties, I just picked the better ones. That R/B had cause me a lot of headaches. Had to send out a ton of sionwood nationwide. Every year I run out of them but I also got a lot in return. Don’t do grafted tree’s anymore, that’s a bigger pain…ssssss!

Still growing the aizu micharau or any other ones you got in 2012 beside the rojo brilliante/

Phil, I cut down a few tree’s that I don’t want anymore, some died through drought this year. Some are mediocre at best.
The Sharon (Israel) is the only one out of that order that still growing, its not doing anything. As I recall Sharon is small very good tasting and bright red, did not find the tag.
After watching a few video,s my Sharon might not be a Sharon, it might be a different one out of the group, will see.

You have single-handedly spread the wealth by giving us scionwood of excellent fruit varieties esp. Rojo Briallante. Thank you very much.

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Well, Tippy thank you for your generous pieces of sionwood, appreciate it a lot. Btw, your collection is amazing, so are you. This forum is loaded with very knowledgeable members, easy to learn from.