Persimmon patience may pay off

I planted two Fuyu Asian Persimmons 4-years ago. They’ve grown really slow and I thought I would be dead before a piece of fruit came to bear. This spring both Fuyus came to life and are putting on TONS of growth and are covered with flower buds. One tree stands around 7’ high and the other is around 5’. I have no idea if I’ll get fruit but it’s nice to see the trees finally taking off. Persimmon growing definitely requires patience. :slight_smile:


Something I lack, but I will try to keep that in mind. I received my persimmon tree, as the nursery instructed I’m letting it “sweat”. It’s about to break bud. I will plant it in ground after upcoming cool weather passes.

Your trees are far ahead of mine. Mine are barely budded out.

Mine too and I’m in zone 7b also. Where are you located Mickster?

I’m in 7B about 45 minutes outside of Atlanta. We’ve had an unusually warm spring and have avoided frosts / freezes so far. /me knocks on wood.

I planted my tree this year and had 50 blossoms. Only 1 fruit stayed on, so far it is pretty big.

I do not know if it will stay on, but as you can see it is trying!


Looking good. Don’t over watered it. Just enough to keep the soil moist then you may have a taste test in October.


Lol! I don’t water. I live inVancouver where it rains in July! And although I created a mound, it is located in the moistest of the yard. Anyways, I will not be adding any water.