Persimmon ripening in the Northeast

My growing season is short, so ripening times are critical. Could some experienced northern (especially northeastern) growers outline approximate ripening dates for any American or hybrid varieties that you grow?

If it helps, you could use Prok as a benchmark (e.g., Prok + 2 weeks). I grow Prok here and it has produced fruit for 3 years, reliably starting now (4th week of September). It continues into early November.

Also if it helps (less likely), you could use the Asian IKKJ as a benchmark. I grow IKKJ here and it has produced fruit for 2 years. Last year I picked it 1st week of November.

Among Americans, I’m particularly interested in adding WS 8-10, H-63A, H-120, and D-128. But I could weed out any variety that seems too late here. Or add a variety that is very good but early.

Among hybrids, I’m growing Kassandra and JT-02 but both trees are young. I might add one more of each if not too late.

Thanks. If this question has been answered already, please just point me to the relevant threads. FWIW, I’ve seen reviews by Tony and Dax; their seasons seem to be roughly 2-3 weeks longer than mine.


I’m definitely interested in this info as well. @SMC_zone6 probably has some good insights; he has at least some of his ripening dates noted in his annual season tracking posts.

Also, @DennisD has been asking folks for ripening data. So, if he hasn’t already collected this data for the Northeast, I’m sure he’ll be interested.