Persimmon rootstock Lotus, Virginia and Kaki cold hardiness?

I am in 7b Virginia. My Saijo made 2 seeds. They sprouted and is growing. Which got me thinking about using them as rootstock. Virginia suckers so much. Whatever came originally with my saijo died back every winter. I had to graft it on Virginia for it to thrive. My neighbor has a 20 yr old nonastringent and it doesn’t sucker at all. I wonder if Kaki seedling is at least 7B hardy or if any hybrid seedlings sucker at all?


Do you think your seedlings are hybrid between D. Virginiana and D. Kaki?

I have Fuyu and Hachiya on D. Lotus and Nikita’s Gift on D. Virginiana, and have not seen dieback in SW VA. Lowest temps experienced by the trees was 0F at my location.

I don’t know what the male would be. I dont Have any around.