Persimmon Sampler 10-28-2017

Picked the majority of my remaining Persimmon and as Saturday was a coldish rain all day decided to lay some out and review and compare. I still have some at my cabin location and thinking the freeze tonight will not be significant enough to damage them.

A few trees have me pondering why they did not produce as well or at all this year, a couple unknowns getting looked at real close, but proving tough for positive identification. I got to try some new ones this year, and better samplings of others and look forward to more new trials next year.

I wish I had better internet options it took much longer to upload the video than it did to pick the fruit.

Edit: In listening back on video I caught a couple mis-statements The large very under ripe greenish with the indented circle cap is Tamopan not Tam Kam, and Giombo/Gionbo is astringent. There are probably more as my presentation and cinematography skills are lacking



Outstanding harvest Phil. You are the most successful Kaki grower so far. Enjoy them. My wife bought 10 lbs of Hachiya at $1.79 per lb at the Asian market for me. I am looking forward to eat them once they are soft ripened.



Outstanding Video description of your fruits. :green_heart::green_heart::green_heart:

Growing up in Redlands CA there was a large true Fuyu tree planted around 1900 in the carraige turnabout of an Edwardian ranch home on the next 100 acre. One of my childhood friends Marty Masters grew up there. It was one of the neighborhood climbing trees and always produced amazing crops of fruit. Never found that same taste again until tasting Persimmons at Wolfskill. Marty was such a great guy. Nowadays I think of him whenever I eat Persimmons. :grinning:


Thanks for the video :slight_smile:

Can you tell me how Tam Kam compares in flavor to Fuyu? Does Iche Ki taste like normal Fuyu? Since you said most non-astringents are almost indiscernible. :slight_smile: Thanks!!

Well to my palate most Non-Astringent are very similar and the quality of the taste is mostly about the level of ripeness. Non- astringents don’t really have any complex flavors they are just sweet, no acid balance just sweet to varying levels mostly related to ripeness and probably number of fruit the tree was carrying. Some like Suruga have a reported higher brix but it’s kind of like watching the an older HDTV, if it’s not right beside the latest technology it looks great. You can eat the non-astringents a month before actually ripe and they can taste pretty good, and I do because when they are prime I can’t eat them all. You can eat them soft ripe and they can be very good, but I think most folks would prefer most astringent softened up well at that level. I like the non-astringent right before they start to soften, and they soften from the inside so sometimes I miss prime. True Fuyu is really hard to beat, but Fuyu in fruit sales has become a Generic term for non astringent, and many are one of the Jiro types or maybe Matsumoto. AT least that is my impression, some closer to the commercial growers might correct me on that. True Fuyu has not been as cold hardy for me as the Jiro and it’s sports or Tam Kam for me which may not be relevant to you. another factor is spreading out the ripening season IZU and Matsumato Wase Fuyu I like being early. Suruga is late and almost too late for me when I had it fruiting, another not really hardy and I lost my tree and current don’t have it or some others fruiting again or yet.


I wonder if I can order a non-giombo from jfe…

I am sure you can, I am just not sure which one to tell you to order, I would think it had to be one of the larger non astringent they stock. I think at times it’s Jiro, doesn’t really seem rounded enough for Hana Fuyu, maybe Giant Hana Fuyu that has not carried fruit to maturity for me. Part of it’s success might be that it just won the lottery and got grafted to a great root stock as I think we sometimes overlook these seedling rootstock are all individual plants, not clones like many plants are grafted to. I have taken wood from a dud tree and had it take off great with a fresh start in life. If you want this actual tree to try I know a guy that would send you scion if you contact him around Jan.