Persimmon tree questions (fuyu)

Well I just started gardening this year and also decided to get a few fruit trees. And as a gift I got 3 fuyu trees from a friend. Whwn I got the trees they had already flowered. I have a few questions.

The trees where in a green house and had already flowered when i transplanted them to a big pot…

  1. What is the best time to plant these trees into the ground?
  2. 2 of the 3 trees dropped all the fruit/flowers, is this normal or did i make a mistake when repotting them? Or was it the little stint of cold weather mixed with a weeks straight of rain?
  3. Since it is still early will the tree bloom again?

And any other tips and trick would be appreciated.


Greetings. It’s very common for young persimmon trees to drop fruit. Generally, you can plant a potted tree anytime as long as it’s properly watered and is not going from a green house into freezing temps. My general opinion with young potted trees, the earlier in the season that you can get them in the ground, the better chance they have to get established before winter. The earlier in life you get them in the ground, the lest pot bound they become and the less likely they will be stunted by their time in the pot. God bless.


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