Persimmons, 2019


Do you remember what was the minimum temperature?


I can’t remember for sure if it was even our coldest winter when it happened, but the coldest it’s ever been since I started growing persimmons was somewhere very close to 0F. I think 1F is the coldest I’ve seen on the thermometer, but it might have been one or two degrees colder when I wasn’t looking at the thermometer (if it was even that same winter that I had the dieback.)




Some persimmons: enjoying if memory serves correct I believe Jiro and Hira Tanenashi from some trees i grafted in 2015 but didnt write down so memory dependent, and hachiya from my cousin. Experts, do my fruits match that?


Ate the last of the Rubys today.
Froze hard a week or so ago, so soft , and very good.
They are a late variety, but this is the latest I have eaten them .
The trees are getting older ( ~15 + yrs.)and much more productive. Sorry no pics. They did not make it far from the tree.


I am looking to graft onto my American Persimmon this next year. It is 4 years old and is about 5 feet tall. I would like to try grafting 20th Century and TamKam. Does anyone have scion available? If you do PM me. I live in zone 6A in coastal Maine.


Just wanting to share some pictures
Black fruited kaki “Kuro gaki”, one of my own breeding efforts NH5, another one of my own breeding “NH14”, Kaki “Yokono” a variety that strongly resembles Hiratanenashi .

Does anyone have experience with the so called black fruited variety “Huk Kam”? In my orchard the fruit is simply orange…not a black spot to be seen…


Noce looking persimmons. Where are you located? What were the parentage? Taste wise?


Same here… I wonder if there was a scion mix-up somewhere. I like the variety I am growing whatever it in fact is, the tree is very vigorous and hardy.


I’m located in Belgium hardiness zone 8b. The “NH” series of persimmons of my own breeding are all Nishijo offspring. Pollinators Mercatelli, Vainiglia, Mandarino , Hyakami gosho. I’m adding two more pictures of some kaki fruit.
About “Huk kam”: My Huk kam persimmons have this typical collar at the calyx end somewhat like Tamopan but less pronounced. This is exactly what Huk kam looks like in the few pictures that you can find on the web. I suppose these pictures with black fruit were just photoshopped… there are also some purple colored persimmons to be found on the web. I presume that Huk kam fits the same category…


So which one of the NH offsprings tasted the best, good size, and the most cold hardy for you?





chocolate persimmon will pollinate all fuyu and jiros nearby making them seeded


I am looking for Tam Kam and 20th Century scion if anyone has some available please PM me.


Does anyone else grow Yamoto persimmon? I can’t seem to find any information on this variety. i haven’t eaten it im still waiting for it to ripen on my kitchen counter. Can anyone comment on its flavor? so we can compare notes. thank you!


Thank you very much for your photos Mikatani. How do you rate the flavor of Gora Rogers, Gora Roman Kosh and Pamjat Pasenkova and how many seeds typically do you find in each of these from within your orchard?

Do you grow Gora Goverla and it is simply not producing yet?

Your blue creation is a beauty. Have you eaten and how good would you say Chuchupaka is?

Thank you for your time.



Thanks, these percinnamon ones are very good, I purchased a couple bags the other day. I just picked up some Sugar and Spice kakis today at Walmart. I’m not sure if they are the same thing with a different name, but they look the same externally. I will ripen a little more and then try one.


The sweetest of my own crossings are NH 14 (decorative strongly ribbed fruit), NH6, and NH 16. I prefer the first one… All these persimmons share one feature which is that they all turn soft and become edible really quickly. If you are an impatient person than these are perfect persimmons.
I have three 2nd generation hybrids of Rosseyanka parentage and to me they are all identical: Pamjat pasenkova, Nikitskaya bordovaya, Rosseyanka F1. The third generation hybrids in the “Gora” series “Gora roma kosh” and “Gora rogers” are my most favorite of the three. Gora goverla is quite late ripening. Gora roman kosh is the sweetest and has a hint of American persimmon…


Younger trees have bigger leaves.