Persimmons 2022

I’ve got this Prok persimmon that had the original leader broken off by heavy snow. Now it’s turning into a tiny bush…

Any pruning advice on how to get it back on track? Prune now or next winter?

Tie the two long branches together so that they stand straight up. Leave the string on till next spring. Or drive a stake and tie one of them to make it straight up.

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Then cut everything but the new leader next winter?

Cutting is based on the form you wish it to take. If you are looking to establish a main leader those branches will go at sometime anyways. For me I would leave it as is and try to go for a more bush form. It’s all about what you want.

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Freezed some Cali Jiro Fuyu and Hachiya to eat until October 2024.



I came across this seller on fb he has a website. seems to be a lot of new varieties I haven’t heard of before. Has anyone grown these new varieties of persimmons or have bought from this seller/ nursery?

I’d be very careful. Only a handful of people in the U.S. own Taishu. I’m not aware that anyone owns Luotian, which is a much sought prize – though some may have smuggled it into the U.S. and kept it secret.

Notice that there are no reviews.


Black persimmon is Huk Kam or huk gam

Millstone appears to be, Tamopan.

I agree with @jrd51 seems strange.


Great thread @PharmerDrewee

Seller won’t provide a physical address or phone number. Big red flags.
Prices are astronomical. No photos of actual trees being shipped. Buyer beware!


great points @ramv ! thank you!

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This is pretty easy to overcome actually. Paypal requires an account and associated phone number. If you try to checkout with paypal (without actually paying), it gives up this info
PAYPAL *SUNPLIXSYST 4029357733 USA. If you google this phone number, it’s involved in multiple scam reports according to the paypal forums.


How is David’s Kandy?


I have a persimmon named “South Florida” grafted on DV. It has grown to no more than 2’ in more than 5 years, basically a bonsai. Last year it grew a sucker about 2’ from it which I grafted this year with the same South Florida persimmon variety. That was on 3/24/24. Today it finally woke up, that’s 3 months later!!! Just reporting…


Sorry, I know you posted this photo of the multigraft persimmon awhile ago. But how do you keep your American persimmon so small? Do you both summer and winter prune?

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I did the graft when the tree size is still small and I summer prune it to make it not too high for pickup.