Persimmons for wildlife

I don’t have prior experience with growing persimmons, but after trying some American persimmons grown at a nearby orchard, I saved seeds, stratified them over the winter and now have 10 baby trees growing in 44oz size drink cups with holes in the bottoms. I plan to plant them out in a wild area to benefit wildlife, maybe promote archery hunting as well. I thought of trying to plant them using ‘tree tubes’ to help them grow a little larger before the wildlife can munch on them. The area where I would plant them is USDA zone 6a, in SW Pennsylvania. I have never seen wild growing persimmons anywhere in the area. The area I plan to plant them is a very overgrown meadow, soil is clay and crumbling shale at the top of a hill with good drainage.

Will this type of soil and method work, and any other suggestions?

Should I plant all in the same area to maximize my chance of male and female being planted close enough together, or could I plant them in two groups of 5 in different locations? This is all assuming I am not going to be grafting anything to them.

How many years would it take to start seeing the first fruit?

Thanks for any advice!


A group of five would give you a decent chance of getting some males and females. It is usually take the persimmon seedlings up 6 to 7 years to fruits.


If you ever get them started they will take over. I have a huge grove of them and have to take my tractor every year and now down several dozen to keep them from taking over the pasture. The deer love them though. If you walk through there you will find several beds where they lay down and sleep