PF-24 peach ripening window?

Does anyone know when PF-24 peach ripens? I can’t find any info on it


Think you may find your answer here…
PF Peaches

I am in zone 6 a MA, here is my record of 24 C ripening/picking time. I picked them fully ripe.
Last week of August in 2012
Last week of August in 2013
First week of Sept in 2014
First week of Sept in 2015

mamuang; What has your experience been with this variety? Has it proven to be more cold hardy than others? How about flavor?

I have one coming from Grandpa’s Orchard and am really looking forward to seeing how it works out here.

I consider Pf24 C’s cold hardiness good.
In Jan, 2014, we had very severe weather with temp -10 a couple of times and the rest of the winter was very cold. About 50% of the blooms survived.
2015 it got down to-5, -10 in early Feb, I got about 50-60% blooms.

This year, the -10 hit in mid Feb, which was later than two previous years. No blooms :unamused: The tree has had some tips die back this year, too.

As for the taste, I don’t have a lot of experience with many varieties. Someome like Olpea probably is a better judge. I like it. All my friends I gave them to raved about it. I did not measure the brix. The peach size is very good. It weighs from 7.5 -11 oz.

I think you will like it. All things considered, it is a good, cold hardy peach.

I’m impressed that it produced fruit in 4 of the last 5 years.

Good to hear, and I agree with ztom, pretty darn impressive.

I’ve seen others who’ve indicated they didn’t see the cold hardiness that’s advertised (I wanna say Mile High had one that froze out or otherwise didn’t perform right, but it’s
been a long time ago so not positive)

I know taste is subjective, but it seems most tend to think it’s a good enough tasting variety - and if it’ll go in marginal peach growing areas I’m thinking it’ll taste just fine to us!


I found that site a while ago but somehow never realized there was a second third page so I never got to the higher numbers. D’oh!

Just a few things to add. Where I live, I don’t have gushing wind that often in the winter, only cold and snow. A Desiccation issue may not be as severe as other open windy areas.

When feezing cold hits late like this year, fruit buds were much more damaged. That could be why I got fruit in previous years when it was subzero earlier.

Where MHG lives, it is the yo-yo temp that is the troubling issue for her, I think. Yo yo temp is the issue for any of us, unfortunately.

I have to admit I’ve kind of steered clear of the PF Series Peaches due to the generic ambiguity of their names. I know it sounds rediculous but assumed their wasn’t a whole lot of difference between them and that if they were truly any good they would’ve been given more memorable names. Lame I know, but it was my perception.

I finally took the time to read the link above describing the difference between them. A lot of them sound interesting. Maybe next year I’ll look into adding one or two varieties. The early freestone es sound intriguing. As does lucky 13 and the cold hardy varieties.

I have PF24c ripening +24 for me, but that’s just based on one year. I try to update and refine ripening times as I get more data.

I don’t recall the flavor of 24c, which probably means it was about like other peaches in that window. Again just one year’s experience. I also didn’t note that it had any problems w/ bac. spot, which is very good considering all the rain we had last year.

Paul Friday is a master marketer so I’ve learned to take some of his descriptions w/ a grain of salt. There’s plenty of fluff in there.

pf23, pf24-007, pf25, pf27a, pf28-007 all had poor fruit set after frosts. These peaches did much worse than average. pf28-007 did so poorly I plan on replacing these trees. I would say most of the pf peaches underperformed others this year in terms of frost susc. Bounty and GaLa also did extremely poorly. I would not recommend any of these peaches for sites which get occasional early frosts.

pf24c and pf35-007 performed well through the frosts.


Thanks, Olpea, I sprayed copper at dormant so bac. spot is not an issue. I did not spray specifically for brown rot so it has increasingly bad rot.

Stinkbugs are as bad here as OFM and CM.

I like the variety enough to keep it.

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Very interesting information on the Paul Friday varieties Opea. And the absence of notation regarding bac spot on 24c is good news too!

I’d gotten a PF17 last year after my PF24-c order fell through. They showed them as being available but later sent an email and said their website was being upgraded and that they were actually not available, and would I like them to substitute the 17 for the 24c. So I went ahead with the 17.

It put a few blossoms on this year, which actually surprised me but it took right off last year. But most all my peaches were in full blossom mode when we got down to 22.6 on 4/9 and then on 4/11 down to 28 again. I just figured my stuff was toast. Well after this thread I went back over for a look-see, and the PF17 has nothing going on, but Redhaven and Madison have some little bitty fruitlets!!! Looks like I may get a peach despite the cold dips at full bloom (Madison was a little less advanced bloom than RH though)

Anyway, now I’ll have something to watch on my peaches after all. (If they stay put!)


Glad to hear you may be getting some peaches. How old are these trees? Madison and Rehaven varieties both have full crops here after the frosts this year. I love Redhaven. I have more Redhavens planted than any other variety.


The Redhaven is 3 years in the ground, and Madison two. I knew you really liked RH & was pretty high on Madison’s hardiness which is why they’re in the ground here now…

I’d gotten the RH from Stark Bro’s and Madison and PF17 from Grandpa’s Orchard. I assume they were 2 year (or maybe 3-yr) bare root trees at the time I planted them, but I don’t know for sure. All were nice big caliper trees though

I was a little bit surprised that PF17 & Madison had blossoms this year at all, being only planted here exactly a year ago today on 4/24/15. So this is their 2nd leaf here, but PF17 had a few, and Madison had quite a bit more. RH of course looked like I’d need to thin quite a bit, but I wasn’t all that surprised that it was loaded this year being a tad older. (I even had blossoms on the out out-of-zone EarliTreat trees that didn’t look any worse for the ware after the freeze, but now I don’t see anything on them at all.

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