PF Series peaches

There are so many of these varieties by Paul Friday.

Because of the way they’re named, I can’t really make sense of the difference between them. Are there any that are particularly good peaches that would grow well in the mid-Atlantic?

Check @Olpea reports on his peaches.

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A few PF varieties which have done well for me are 9a-007, 25, and 35-007.

A few that I’ve removed are 1, 5b, 24-007. I also plan to eventually remove 28-007. I removed 1 and 5b because of poor flavor. The other two have/had poor production.

Others I’ve tried are just OK. 7a, Lucky 13, 15a, 17, 23, 24c, 27a.

A few I’ve planted but haven’t fruited yet. eightball, 14, 19-007

Some of the meaning of PF codes. 007 means large size. Lucky means firm. C stands for cold hardy. I don’t know what the suffixes a, b and d mean.