Phalaenopsis orchid


About this time every year my phalaenopsis explodes with blossoms :smile:


Oh wow. White Phals are my favorite - any size - just white.




I bought sixty tillandsias about four months ago, and I killed them all.


Richard, what's your secrete? how do you water and fertilize them? Do tell!


Yeah, you can't share a picture like that without also sharing how you did it.

I like to grab the wilted ones out of the bargain bin for $5. They do fine, and even flower, but I've never had anything close to that.


Beautiful. I have one that I got from a co-worker about a year ago, been trying to nurse it back to's had a couple of spikes but has yet to bloom for me..maybe next year.


guide-indoor-orchid-care.pdf (839.8 KB)


The inner/outer pots trick is great! Mine just slowly languishing after 4, 5 years though I keep them hydrated, or so I thought!

Now I know why!

Thank you for the link, Richard.



Mine flowers but nothing like that one!


Richard, thanks for the link! Is that the protocol you follow? If this is what you do to get that bloom, I am going to follow it to a tee and see if I can get similar result, even half of what you get will be good.:smile:

I do soak my orchid regularly, but with different orchid food. Now I am going to order from that link.

Do you make any modification from that? Which side of window are your orchid on? South or east facing?


@Sara_in_philly, that's my exact routine and my website also :blush:


I've retired my website and business. Here's a PDF of the guide:

guide-indoor-orchid-care.pdf (833.6 KB)


The annual growth of "antlers" has begun! :slight_smile:



The extra florets branch from its main stem proves your expertise! I have never had such florets growth!


I like it!



First flower of the season


Thanks for bumping this @Richard. I hadn't seen your pdf and will try your cultural method to increase blooming on mine.


I wish I could get my Vanda into gear


your post got me really curious.. what cultivar of vanda do you grow?
btw, don't feel bad about your vanda, that you actually have one in zone 5b is an accomplishment in itself!

vandas(specifically the exquisite strap-leaf variety), are some of the toughest to get to flower when taken out of the tropics. It is the mangosteen of the orchid family. And like the fastidious mangosteen, may take more than a decade to start blooming--even in some tropical regions..


It's strap-leaf. I'm not quite sure I'm growing it. It just sits there. They Say it should start to put out spikes after a cool period, after it's grown new leaves, but it hasn't.