Phalaenopsis orchid


hopefully it blooms sooner rather than later. Consider it the holy grail of orchids(along with certain cattleyas and kin).
not something anybody could buy from the neighborhood Home Depot.

in the tropics, strapleaf vandas are grown under netting/frosted glass. The trick is to get them exposed to as much light and as long as they could take, just a tad below bleaching intensity of the sun.
orchid foliar fertilizers limiting N, but generous with p and k and trace elements also help stimulate bloom

keep us posted!


Vandas are very sensitive to temperature range. In their native range, I believe 62°F is the all-time record low temperature. After a day of sustained temperatures below that mark (e.g., in the 50's) they are observed to go into extended dormancy. High temperatures (above 85°F) without high humidity can also cause them to shut down. Getting them to bloom after the 1st year is usually accomplished with a growth and fertilizer regime similar to the one I put in my guide, above.


I'm going to have to move mine to a different, less sunny location now that the weather is turning colder.

But it seems to me that it's been dormant ever since it lost its blooms.


Watering day for orchids and pineapples!


Now back in their cozy sunroom :slight_smile:


Here come da buds! @VSOP – a few posts prior there are some “group” shots, and another below of the current indoor collection.


Gorgeous white phalanopsis in the top picture. And do I spy some Cattleyas and in some of the other pictures? I couldn’t really see all the flower shapes too well, but that dark purple/brown mixed with green I have only seen on Paphs. BEAUTIFUL orchid room.


Dendrobium :slight_smile:

Here’s the thread: Dendrobium Orchid


Explosion in progress …


Apparently the current inflorecence was the beginning. A second flower spike is on the rise :slight_smile:


My favorite phals were small and actually scented. I’d love to get more of the scented ones but both times I got them, no where on the info did they say they were scented. I thought it was a fluke (kinda like those fake blue ones) but when they rebloomed they were actually scented.


@richard, just want to thank you for your orchid care guide. I used the first two fertilizer in the table, I can see clearly more root growth in my orchids.
Today, I just discover my lady’s slipper has a big flower spike! I have had this lady slipper for quite a few years, this is the first time it rebloom! It must be because the new fertilizers I used.

I just want to let you know that I appreciate your guide and it really works!


1st flower of the season on this cultivar.


Here’s our indoor orchids having their “sunday soak” in 3 & 5 gal. buckets.




Here’s a phalaenopsis we found a year ago at Walgreens … We call it “Ink Blots” :slightly_smiling_face: