Photos of issues and questions on what to spray for it

I am fairly sure this is PC damage (on the asian pears one the ground) and codling moth as well (apple with spots). I am not sure about the disease in the pictures. The fire engine red leaf is what I am referring to as well as the spots above the damaged apple. I also have the half circle type of scar on some apples. That is Oriental fruit moth damage correct?

Every year I get the same damage to my asian pears as seen in this image. This is an extreme case while others are a smaller spot.

I am spraying triazide, captan and Rampart. I did not get to the triazide in time and the damage was done. grrrr. Not sure Rampart is doing much, but I alternate with Captan. I also have some prophyte from Helena Chemicals, Copper, Rally, and wettable sulphur. Have not really used these much though. Spray is for Euro and Asian pears, peach, apple and cherry.

Next year I will buy some new sprays, hoping to get imidian but not sure what to get for fungicide?? Or will the rampart/captan combo work??

Any other advice??


Let me put my 2 cents in. The first pic was blurred. I could see that it was red. Just wonder if it is only on one leave.

The 2nd pic, I believe the bite was taken by some kind of worm/caterpillar, not OFM.

The 3rd pic looked like PC. On my A.pear, PC only does superficial damage. When I cut fruitlet up, inside is fine.

I don’t use a lot of chemical so I can help you. We are not so far from each other, I could get by on my apples and pears with copper at dormant, Immunox at petal fall and bagging on apples. For pears, I spray Surround 2-3 times until the fruits a bit bigger likes a thumb size. After that, they grow fast and insects don’t damage them much. (I am going to jinx myself, I think)

This is the pic of OFM,

I agree the 3rd picture looks like PC though its hard to tell as the focus is on the background.

My method on the pears is similar to mamuang, but I also have stinkbug problems and if they are bad I need to spray Surround longer. Today a bug flew into my shirt and I crushed it without seeing it. Stinkbug – yuck!

I meant to say it was the pic of OFM worm and its damage, not the moth.

Scott, thanks for the warning. I just sprayed Surround again today and will try to keep it up.

HI Thanks. I have a few clearer images. I do not get anything like the image above, luckily.

The red leaf is only a few on the tree, but it is just starting. Thanks.

Search pear leaf blister mite and compare pictures, that makes pear leaves red.

The pear fruit has a pretty clear curc crescent on it.