Picking fruit earlier

We selling our house and I have Gold Rush tree full of apples and Ichi-Ki-Kei-Jiro persimmon with its first load this year. Last day we can pick them is October 13. I try to figure out if it makes sense at all or I just have to abandon the fruit and let the next owner enjoy them(best case scenario) or just bring them to the dump(sad, sad…). Are there any signs for apples and persimmons that could tell me: yes, it is OK to try to pick and let them get ripe off the tree?
I know you definitely can pick apples when the seeds are turning brown. But if they are not, is there a chance to get apples ripe over time? What about persimmon? As of now they almost completely green, some get a yellowish tone, but no orange. Site says they should be ready by October 15, but this doesn’t look like they will get orange on the tree in three weeks… At what stage they could get ripe off the tree?


I’d pick Oct 13 and take my chances that they’ll ripen. My guess is that they will. That’s pretty late into fall especially for MA. They aren’t going to ripen a whole lot more even on the tree.



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Suggest leaving a few for the new homeowner and make sure they know the cultivar names. There are a ton of posts on social media groups like: “I just bought a home and was surprised to find some fruit trees. The fruit is red and big and good tasting. Can anyone advise what the variety is?”.


I was going to mark the trees if the new owner wants them. So a week before closing I will ask if they need to know the names)


October 13, I would wait to see how much more develop the fruit will be.

Gold Rush is tough. I let them hang until mid Nov and picked themmall. The greener ones did not develop into any good apples after a few months in storage. I would pick any GR that start to turn pale yellow turned out fine. Your call.

ICKKJ - I don’t know how closer to ripen they will be by Oct 13. If don’t have good luck with green persimmons in storage. Once they turn a bit orange, they seem to do well in storage.

Pick ones with some color in them and leave the rest to the new owner. They will likely appreciate your gifts.


If you are move in town you could inform your new buyer of the fruit and ask if they don’t want the fruit if you could come back later to pick.


I try to avoid it… I am in that situation now. The previous owner came in on the day of closing during our walk through , crying, asking to take care of the home her late husband built. Ever since she kind of lives with us. :unamused: I was stupid enough to get her my phone number, so she can call me when she is ready to pick the trees she didn’t have a chance to move in summer and I don’t need. Now, her packages are still coming to us and I have to answer her texts about them, she brings people in to look at the trees . She texts me that my attic light is ON! Yes, it is damn on, because the mice don’t let us sleep if it is off. And it is MY attic and my lights! So I learned hard way - the seller and the buyer doesn’t need future relationship! It has to end on the closing day.
P.S. I forgot to mention, her sister in law lives next door and mother in law - across the street :smile: So I have to be nice to her, if I do not want enemies next door :laughing: