Picking up a few last minute apple rootstocks

I planted 10 apples on Bud9 for a Belgian Fence on the side of my raised bed garden 2 weeks ago. They need to be cut down to the 18” bottom wire which will leave enough wood for 3-4 scions of each variety. I’m thinking I might as well order some rootstocks and try to learn grafting.

Cummins only has G.11, G.41, G.202 left. I was thinking G.41, but the history of breakage in the wind has me concerned down here in hurricane country. Will a stout trellis and/or stake help? Or should I look elsewhere for a different rootstock?

Varieties are: Aunt Rachel, Bevans Fav, Blacktwig, Hewes Crab, Kinnairds Choice, Old Fashion Limbertwig, Roxbury Russet, St Claire, Summer Banana, Yellow June

Casey, 39th Parallel shows B.9 in stock if you wanted to stick with that.

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maplevalleyorchard.com also has Bud-9 in stock. I received 3 a couple weeks ago and they are all tall and have plenty of roots.

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Wound up getting 45 scions 6-8” with 5+ buds each. Will probably try a couple different rootstocks. Also plan to pot some up and plant some after grafting. Hopefully the diversification will provide some insight while I’m learning.

I wound up ordering some M7 from Century Farm Orchards…same place I got the trees. Planning to put some in ground and some in pots. What size pot would you recommend to grow out until next Spring?

depends on the rootstock size, could be anywhere from a #1 to a #10. most are probably ok in a sleeve for the first few months then moving to a #1 then a #3. or just go straight to a #3

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