Pics of Graft Results

This is the first year that I did any type of serious grafting. These are a few of the results of some of them. Persimmons and jujube were grafted as well, but are not doing much yet. Will add later. I had a lot of pics and did not want to hog the grafting thread. If you have any pics of your success feel free to load them.

Canadian White Blenheim grafted onto regular Blenheim

Satsuma grafted onto Flavor Supreme

Dapple Dandy grafted onto FS

Flavor Queen Total Loss

Burbank grafted onto FS

Two Medlar varieties grafted onto Bosc

Methley grafted onto Santa Rosa

Shiro grafted onto SRosa

Au Rosa grafted onto SRosa


Medlar grafted onto Quince suckers.

Variety change from Ayers to Harrow Delight

Red Sensasion

Variety change from Liberty to Williams Pride

Variety change from Ayers to Harrow Sweet

Variety change from Ayers to Red Bartlet

Sugar Cane on seedling just starting

Variety change from Ayers to Harrow Sweet

Variety change from Mutsu to Williams Pride

Variety changes. Random peaches and plums. I got the varieties mixed up after grafting. Know what they are, just not where.

I didn’t graft it, but was happy with this massive flower set on this persimmon.

Not bad so far. A couple losses, but overall pretty successful.


Great Topic. they look great, and look like they are growing well. I haven’t grafted onto an existing tree yet, I have just been grafting onto rootstock i purchase from Cummins Nursery. Would love if anybody has rootstock result images to base my results off of.

Great job. Amazing compilation of pics and descriptions. I get mine confused after a couple of them.

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I did my first ever grafts this spring…

2 early McIntosh apple (scions I collected from my own tree) grafted to m7 rootstock…

2 NovMac apple scions (purchased online) grafted to m7 rootstock.

4 gerrardi scions bark grafted to a large white mulberry stump.

So far all are looking great.

@Luongo43 How big were the rootstock you received from Cummins? I’m going to try 10 or so next year myself. Pretty sure my success rate will be much lower with rootstock though.

@TNHunter You better do better than that cage. Deer are going to destroy that when they find it. They love mulberry.

@Robert … so far this year 3 armadillos and 2 rabbits have made me angry… and they are no more.

Deer did not bother my white mulberry… but if they do this one… I will deal with them too… deer stew grilled bacon wrapped backstrap, etc.

I may make a larger cage for this one. Thanks for the warning.

Here are some of my grafts waking up. They are about the thickness of a pencil. When order in scion wood you try and match the thickness, however I’ve never had that luck and the scions I buy are much thinner.