Picture of the day

Cheers! !

Last night in Omaha, this gentleman got a little too much cheers and backed his Mercedes up the guide wires of the light electric pole. You have witnessed a car doing a hand stand. Lol.


wow, where is the driver?

Oh my! :cop:

Last weekend I think we had 70+ MVAs come through the ED doors in one shift. Its like a form of spring/summer fever.

Perhaps the driver went to change his underwear .

How do you get that down safely? I assume it is a rear wheel drive.

Actually it must be front wheel drive to push the car up that high. Otherwise as soon as the rear wheels came off the ground no more traction/lift.


Momentum will take you to high places. Better up a pole than thru a public place.

Would have been a bit dodgy jumping down out of that car afterwards. I’d have been fearful of the car rolling off the wire only to fall and crush me. That would have made a bad evening even worse.

The picture might be more fitting under the heading,’‘How to embrace the agitated mind’’. :dizzy_face: Brady