Pictures Abbaye Valmayne and Lyon


The first 3 restaurant photos are from du Soleil?

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Yes, the first four pics. It is a very cozy, old fabulous ‘Bouchon’ they serve typeical Lyonnaise food. Quenelles, sausages, tripes. Various types of offal , in sauces.

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Picture 2 has a wanted poster for someone not taking the vaccine. Is that real or is someone making a joke?


I saw that. I have no idea! It was a xerox, and did not look official.

I noticed that too. Had to look up “complotiste” to be sure. Not a word you learn in 8th grade French class!

How was the wine at the abbey cellars?

Looks like a lovely place to visit.

I did not taste it nor buy any. Supposedly, very good!