Pictures from the Seaside in the South of France

Went to a really fun seaside village called St. Marie De la Mer. Right on the Med. Lunch at fun fish shack. Served whole fish only, seabass, Dorade (?) Sole and Squid. Fabulous as you will see. Many shops. It is where the black and red rice is grown and the salt is harvested. It is the Camargue. Where the bulls are bred for fighting (not to the death) and where the white horses run free. Saw a few farms with Palaminos though. Took a fun boat trip down and inlet as you will see. Mtrs. G in France


Bonjour! Madame Gibson:

Now that you live in France you must do like local people, right? First lesson: in French we never put a dot (.) like you do in English after the abbreviation of a Saint , always an hyphen (-)(masculine or St) or a Sainte (feminin or Ste) and usually people from France do not abbreviate names of Saint/Sainte. So, 90% of the time, you will see: Saint-Paul and very rarely: St-Paul. In all cases, always a capital S. They are Saints after all…

I’m terribly sorry to add that the correct spelling of the place you are referring to is: Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer

Why plurial? It would be way too long for an explanation…

Au revoir! Marc

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Au - revoir!

Love the pictures Mrsg. Thanks for sharing.


You’re welcome!

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Mrs G,

Nice fish dinner you have there.

Do us a favor:

Go to the dualing mirabelle plum festivals in Metz and Nancy and tell us which are best. Rumor is the Nancy mirabelles are the best. Take lots of photos of the plums.

Also- I hear rumors that southern France is so mild that figs can be grown without winter die-back. New life goal?



Matt so true. About figs that is. The trees here are massive, and depending on how cold it gets during the winter, they might not lose their leaves. I have been to the festival in Metz a few years ago. It was beautiful. The two mirabelle are simply grown for different reasons. Metz cooking , Nancy fresh eating. They are both good cooked in my opinion. The escargot festival is the picture taking fete!