Pictures of my veggie garden

Just because it’s miserable out there I spend a lot of time looking at pictures of gardens online. Also look through my own garden pictures. That always cheers me up. I wanted to share few pictures of my veggie garden just to bring back summer feelings :slightly_smiling_face:.


Thanks for sharing, that makes me feel little better with all the cold weather for last 20 days.


This is creative cucumbers tower!

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face: I got 3 huge maple trees in the yard, a lot of branches end up on the ground. I was trying to create a trellis out of what I have around the yard.
The box inside the cucumber tower is my cold frame. It Didn’t work all too well. I don’t use it anymore.

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Never a bad time to throw in some garden pics.


Beautiful harvest!

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Pure charm! :relieved:. You are really making me miss summer! What does kohlrabi taste like? I have never had it.

Chicken :smiley: No …I don’t know. I’m not that good at describing taste. Kind of have a nutty flavor I think. I stir fry it. I also use the tender part of leaves.

Pics like that will become reality in just a few months, before you know it. I’m already starting a list of what varieties of tomatoes and peppers I want to try this year.

Nice. What kind of green beans?

Mrs. G, it’s a member of the cabbage family, and you can see (and taste) the resemblance. Think of a radish that sits on top of the ground as it grows, is a close cousin to the turnip, and can bite just like a radish if you let go too long So kinda like a cross between a turnip and a radish and which you can see growing.


Kohlrabi is great, it also has a slight cabbage likeness to it, and it’s often used in soup. The turnip taste is the strongest taste. It smells like turnip and broccoli.

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I look at my pictures and think that I am happy to have winter. Just for a change. A few pictures of the last season.


The beans are Cobra. I like them for making dilly beans and fresh eating.

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Ant Mary: processing that harvest must keep you busy for weeks. I can see how winter is your break time. What’s in the bowl next to okra ?

Yes, I did a lot of canning. Next to okra are tomatillos, hybrid variety, I do not remember the name right now. There were plenty of them and they mostly went to compost bin because I did not know what to do with them, I tried salsa and it did not taste good, when cooked they become grayish in color and not appetizing. But they were very big and quite sweet.

Tomatillos make thes best green salsa. That is what they are for! Next year grow them again, they are a winner. And… needless to say your veggies are superb!

Thank you Mrs. G.
I just like tomato salsa better. When we have an abundance of veggies we are picky eaters.

I have grown tomatillos in the past but never got any to fruit. Massive plants though. Any suggestions as to why? I would love to try again.

I grew three different varieties, green, purple and this giant one, all fruited in abundance. Now they are trying to become weeds and grow from seeds every year without my help. I’ve heard that you need to grow at least two plants for cross pollination, because they do not pollinate themselves.