Pictures of todays Marche

I am trying to find interesting varieties we don’t usually see. What is interesting is that the ‘Gala’ apple is just everywhere. In the orchards, fruit stands and marches. Here are some other apples. I am still waiting for the Caville Blanc d’Hiver, a very late Oct. apple. I hope we get them.


As you can tell, the French care more about taste than looks of their fruit. Only in the spring when all of the varieties of berries and tomatoes are new for the season do they display them. This produce is the from the ‘Farmer’s’(all local) markets and simply picked and put into crates for sale. Blemishes, sooty blotch, sun-burned skin, the full catastrophe! Our supermarket nightmare. Pretty funny I think! I tried the small yellow Chanticleer apple, it was very juicy and sweet. A very pretty apple. Would make great apple sauce!!! I took one extra pick of my walk home. I live in a cross of the 21st century and Game of Thrones. It’s pretty cool! Miss you all, Mrs. G


I’m going to have to pick my few Caville Blanc today to keep them from freezing. It’s sure to be too soon. Same with several other varieties, but at least I’ve had those before.