Pink Lady 16 brix

Pink Ladies…Pink Ladies oh how I love thee! Haha

Can anyone compare brix with me. So far it’s been around 16.


I can’t compare brix levels but I certainly agree with your taste for this apple. I plan to sprinkle several of these scions around my orchard this winter. The only drawback I see is that it is reported to not be very disease resistant.

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Have those of you that are playing with refractometers measured changes in sugar levels of apples in storage? I would be interested in those reports.

Pink Lady is a great apple, but it isn’t particularly sweet and brix doesn’t tell the whole story with regard to taste or desirability. Brix has its use but it can be a bit over played at times:


Tree has been in the ground for about 5 years and this is the first year I measured brix, Not sure why I never did …I measure everything else. They are so good this year I finally measured… Just not sure if 16 is average or great.


16 is pretty good for cripps.
flavor, aromatics, other organic substances, and certain minerals are at least as important as sugar levels
some tangerines are not really sugary, but couldn’t help but eat them in large amounts.

conversely, at the other end of the flavor spectrum are tamarind, garlic and collards, with very high brix, but not exactly ones which taste sweet…

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I just ate one at about 15 brix that was absolutely perfect to my palate- as good as any apple I grow. It wasn’t from my orchard PL, which I didn’t quite thin enough, but from a small tree on the edge of my nursery that received only one spray and provided a small crop of ugly apples.

It’s almost Dec in my colder Z6. We’ve had two nights down to 20 F and numerous hard frosts and the texture is still perfect. As good as any CA PL I’ve ever tasted, maybe better. In the future I won’t harvest them until the background is yellow even if it takes until Dec, as long as temps stay above about 18F.

This apple is under appreciated- I consider it a top 5, world class apple, plus it is fairly easy to grow.

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It was tops in Amarillo if one liked very sweet and very tart. The first bite kinda puckered my face but once used to it 2-3 apples were hard to resist. I harvested there in November, as late as possible. That’s a much longer warmer season than NY. I’d expect 20 brix if things are right.

Here I so far haven’t been able to get the size I need but still working on that. Have gotten size on other apples when the tree got well established.

If I get more brix on mine, I hope the acid goes up equal to sugar. I don’t know how an apple could taste better to me.

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Mine were acid bombs even after a long hot season. I don’t remember storing any for very long so as to drop the acid level. And I’m just guessing on brix but as acid as they were the brix must have been pretty high to balance taste a bit.

I find their unusual texture to be very gratifying as well. It is a dense kind of crunchiness- as far as I know, unique to the variety.

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It is one of my favorites also. Sweet enough with a perfect tartness level for my taste when you bite into it. I will be adding a few scions this winter.

I have a first year Pink Lady I’m looking forward to eating from in a couple of years. In the meantime my locals groceries have been flooded with this late season apple. My daughter like them because her favorite color is pink. They’ve been hit or miss here from the store. Had a few that were dynamite but some others that were a little soft for my tastes.

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When a pink lady is good they are great and really disappointing when they don’t live up to expectations.

pink lady is at its best when it literally smells of roses. It is more floral-scented, and not fruit-scented!

This is the first year that I like PL. I used to buy them from the store and could never figure out why people rave about them. This year, I got some from a local farm and was told to store them for a month or so before eating. They picked them around mid October and they are at their best now.

Another apple that I am happy with is Pixie Crunch. I harvested my tree in mid September and still have some left in the fridge. They are a little less crunchy but I think I like them more this way. I did not expect this apple to keep for this long.

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Interesting to hear about your longer-keeping Pixie Crunches…