Pink Lady

I purchased some Pink Ladies from a local grocery store. I’m sure they got them from a large distributor from who knows where. They were very pretty with a great shine… never had one so I was inquisitive to try one. Unfortunately, was very disappointed. They were not at all what I expected after hearing others talk about them.

That made me think about how I enjoy my Honeycrisp from my area and others say they aren’t so good. I also know that most of store bought apples just don’t taste as good as local apples right off a tree and not 6 months old from a storage container.

I have some Pink Ladies trees that have not fruited and look forward to the day I can make a real comparison to the store bought apples I had.

Pink Lady from a grocery store this time of the year could have been picked in November of 2015 unless it was imported from south america.

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In which case it would still be out of season, wouldn’t it? July here would be the equivalent of January there.

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I dont know the month equivalent when comparing hemispheres but none the less, 2 months of storage for apples is no big deal but we would now be looking at close to 7-8 months on PL grown in the USA. I have had good and poor PL from both the USA and typically Chile. The ones I bought last week were from Chile and were marked as such. They are good tasting.

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CA storage make it possible to eat “fresh” apples grown in north america 12 months a year. I find this amazing. Just think about eating a Pink Lady in late July that was harvested last fall.

Unfortunately, this same technology also resulted in the demise of many local orchards and many apple variety which keep well without CA.