Pisang Ceylon timeline

I know most people don’t have much going on in the garden this time of year. Thought I’d make this thread…
This was one of the last bananas to be planted this year after a mix up of corms.
June 4 2018 the day it was planted

Sept 5 I chopped it back to 3 feet

Nov 14 the newest leaf has opened…it’s now 5 months in the ground


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1.5 feet p-stem was taken off to keep the leaves away from the peak of the GH over winter.

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Yes, it’s a great technique. Many folks are scared to try it!

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@mattk It’s very nice to see your greenhouse is still going strong after all these years, and @Richard you’re correct in that most people shy away from lopping the tops off of bananas, but in my experience they bounce back quite well from that sort of thing. Speaking of, I recently found some old pictures of when I tried my hand at growing a Dwarf Cavendish in a 15 gallon container a couple years ago. Didn’t manage to get any of the fruit to ripen (lazy with irrigation) but it was a fun project:

photo_2018-11-17_14-45-30 photo_2018-11-17_14-45-32 photo_2018-11-17_14-45-38 photo_2018-11-17_14-45-35!

I think with perhaps a larger container, and more consistent watering, it’s definitely possible to bring a bunch to term.