I was browsing the dave wilson site looking at weatherman’s leahcot pictures and saw that in the past people have asked about a source for mail order pistachio nut trees. I got mine from and Arizona Pistachio Nursery in Tucson. The owner used to live in Dalhart Texas and has been super helpful. Plants were one gallon containerized.

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We got our 8 pistachios from the same place. Didnt mail order, just picked them up when we pass thru Tucson. Nice guys to deal with. 5 years in the ground and we got our first couple nuts set this year.

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I’d love to be able to grow Pistachios. I notice that most of what I’m buying these days say they are California grown…used to be that most were imported I thought.

California is one of the largest producers of Kerman pistachio variety, although in recent years there are better varieties lost hills, golden hills and some more.

pistachio need a few hours of cold in winter, but also needs a lot of heat in summer to produce well, if you live in climate zone 6 not advise you to plant pistachios, you need to have more heat in summer

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Do you know of any humid climates with frequent summer and fall rainfall where Pistachio are successfully grown? My understanding is this is a crop for dry summer climates.

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