Pixie Crunch apple drop in Illinois - is this natural, due to spray or disease?

Hi folks:

This is the first year I had a heavy set (or so I thought) on a 3 year old M27 Pixie Crunch. Most of the apples have now fallen off. First the stems yellow. I sprayed with sulfur for CAR and surround. So, a few questions please:

  1. Did the blooms not set to begin with?
  2. is this how normal drop typically proceeds?
  3. Could it be due to the spraying?
    Please see attached photo.



It is a bummer. I am in a similar boat with Zestar! on M7 after 3 years. It is loosing apples left in right now we are in June. Liberty/G.935 is doing better, and all my other 9 trees were too young to flower.

I think it is is pretty common thing. Those apples look just like my “June drops.” When I cut mine open they usually don’t have a full compliment of seeds. I’m using the same spray program as you, plus have added my first spray of spinosad + NuFilm 17 for codling moth.


I’m saying June drop…i’m losing a ton on my mac

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Some of mine are doing the same thing. I was going to make a post about it.

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The yellow stems look just like my apples that will abort after a chemical thinning.

In your case, I’m guessing its just the normal drop, but I can not explain why its effecting so many apples.

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First year of set often aborts. My King David I thought had its first set this year but they all aborted just like that, sigh.

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I actually need to go check my Pixie Crunch. Mine are only in their second year in the ground in my orchard. Last year they set a bit of fruit but an errant late frost got them. This year they set very heavily on G11 or G16 (I can’t recall). I was actually prepared to go out and pinch about 80% of the fruitlets off anyway, but maybe they’ve dropped on their own, I’ll have to check today.

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Any idea what the Cornell style high density orchards use? A crop in year 2 factors heavily in their profitibility models. Is it just “plant lots of Geneva series rootstocks…”? Or maybe they recommend promalin?