Plant id needed


Saw a super interesting plant when I left an appointment today. The leaves resemble holly leaves and it has blue berries that look similar to a honey berry. Anyone happen to know what this is? Nice looking landscape plant.




Looks like Oregon Grape.


You nailed it. I had turned to my wife for her opinion and she threw out “looks like Oregon grape”, so I had to show her how right she was. Thanks!


There are a lot of different Mahonias, or barberries. Oregon Grape does make fruit similar to that but would not have turned blue yet here in Oregon. The fruit pictured would be very tart; if allowed to fully ripen to the point of slight shrivel, they can become sweet and raisin-like. Somewhat seedy, mass quantities can be juiced.


Mahonia bealei…not mahonia aquafolium.

ps. LarryGene I happen to own several mahoberberis (a hybrid of mahonia and barberry).


Sure is a good looking plant!